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Polyester mixed with viscose popularly known to the fashion industry as poly-viscose has been an excellent resemblance to wool in recent years.The blend gives the best of both worlds, very affordable , Poly-viscose is best described as a as a semi-natural fibre. By blending viscose and polyester to make a new fabric quality, poly-viscose largely retains the pleasant drape and feel good standard viscose, so its touch is quite natural to handle. But the added polyester means poly-viscose is much easier to care for, as it is machine washable and can be tumble-dried. It's also very robust, making it ideal for hard wearing clothes. Poly-viscose has better wicking and breathe-sensation than most artificial fibres, but is less breathable than fully natural fibres like wool. Poly-viscose enjoys a high lustre, which is a characteristic of both its constituent materials. However, consumers are cautioned to look out to avoid ill-blended qualities when going for shopping, this is because of low quality standards of poly-viscose produced particularly in some Asian and third world countries. Whereas the fabric manufactured in some European countries such as UK, Germany , Italy, Turkey, France and more gets it good quality to stand all weather conditions with 7-10 years wearing guarantee, the fabric from the opposite side may quickly and easily worn out thus struggle to maintain 2 year- wearing guarantee if it's productive quality is sub-standard. Recent surveys conducted by our research team ranked consumers demand for poly - viscose fabric higher among all other fabrics use for men's outer wears like suits. Moreover, the fabric can easily be transformed into different prints and pattern-faced fabrics that are very friendly to the manufacturing of ceremonial suits more than t other fabric.


Good news for all our Canadian customers especially those living in Toronto andit's surroundings . We are coming to Prime Expo fair from 24-26 April in Toronto, and it is a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of all our latest collections - spring/Sumner 2019

We are located at booth 4716, opening hours 9.00 -16.30 for the business days 24-26 April. Individuals and businesses interested in our brand's Canadian sales representative, sole proprietorship and other commercial deals will have the golden moments to place their queries face to face before our fair executives.

We welcome you all, your friends and families wholeheartedly to our stand.

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