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The business suit is as important to a professional man as his laptop or his briefcase. A show of elegance, refinement and confidence, a suit can express both performance and style. Chris & Arthurs offers a range of fits and styles to give you confidence and the comfort you need for any office environment. Our passion for fine details, fabric and tailoring is what drives and inspires us to offer you the highest quality suit. Our bespoke suits and shirts are tailored out of the highest quality woven fabrics ranging from 100% wool ,96% wool /4% elastic, 93% wool /4% poly/3% elastic , 88% wool /9% poly /3% elastic and few more twin-blended fabrics in Woolrich, polyviscos , cotton and silksatin.

Our main mission is to blend innovation and progress through our suits and to constantly bring to the market exceptional corporate clothing. Our collection of men’s suits expands beyond corporate into ceremonial suits, bowties, wedding suits, tuxedos and party wears for men. Whether you’re looking for an impressive professional work suit or a show stealer, our range includes top clothing brands and designer suits and shirts for any occasion.

At chris&arthurs we aim to make formal dressing simple and as hassle-free as possible so that our customers may enjoy the experience and gain the suit that defines their style best. Whether you go for a smart casual look or a full professional one, we are here to help you every step of the way. Our range of men’s suits is both fashionable and efficient; by only using fabrics that are friendly to different weather conditions we ensure that your suit will last through any condition.

Our corporate offers can support and send out large deliveries for entrepreneurs, business organisations or institutions that wish to provide professional men’s suits for their staff. We can also create branded office wear for our clients and brand the suits with the name of the company, institution or organisation. However, we cannot produce working gears for garages, warehouses etc.

Our ready-made clothing is composed of European made fabrics, from top ranking manufacturers across the industry. We appreciate you need the best possible office wears for your staff, so we are striving to offer you the highest quality materials. Our carefully chosen fabrics are either Italian or Turkish woven, both designed to offer comfort and efficiency, as well as give a confidence boost and make your suits make a memorable impression. We offer tabled discount offers based on the quantity to be ordered and have no issues concerning the sizes and various designs you may wish for the suits.

We are here to make it easy for both individuals and businesses to dress sharply, create a long-lasting impression and feel comfortable and confident with their ceremonial or corporate suits. Whether it’s plain or printed styles in shades like grey, classic black or navy, choose the style that best defines you and what you stand for.

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